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Death by Bullets

At least once a week I run across an article or link offering useful advice on resume writing or finding a job in this tough economic climate, and I want to share it with my clients (both former and prospective), so I have decided to add this blog to my website.  Be sure to check back regularly, and I’ll promise to keep these posts short.

The first matter I would like to discuss concerns my personal pet peeve – the “Death by Bullets” resume format.  Many people, seeking to organize a lot of information, resort to a combined list of their combined job duties and specific accomplishments.  The problem is, the truly important information gets lots in the mundane.  Or to paraphrase Mr. Incredible, “if everything is special, then nothing is.”  A bullet point should be reserved only to emphasize a significant accomplishment or award, or highlight a list of keywords.  The descriptive paragraph will tell the reader what you have done, the bullets will tell him or her why – out of all the applicants who have done the same thing – they should hire YOU.

Here is a link to a longer article discussing this issue: (I promised to keep my posts short, but am happy to provide links to longer explanations!)