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Job Search Links

There are many ways to find a good job. But first, you need to start with a custom cover letter and resume. Please note that even if the ad only says “ fax or e-mail your resume” you should also send a cover letter if you want to make the best first impression. Once you are ready to start applying, you need to know how to send your documents, either hard copy or electronic (.doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf, HTML, etc), or where to post them.

Ways to apply

* Job Search Websites
* Executive Recruiters who specialize in every industry and at every management level
* Local Staffing Agencies for part-time or full time employment
* Visit the corporate website for the company in which you are interested

Popular job search websites

* www.indeed.com
* www.monster.com
* www.careerbuilder.com
* www.craigslist.com

Industry or position specific websites

* www.linkedin.com is for networking at any level of your career
* www.jobsinthemoney.com for Accounting and Finance
* www.biospace.com for BioTech / BioPharm
* www.constructionjobs.com for Construction
* www.dice.com for Information Technology
* www.ihiresalespeople.com for Sales

Executives can search for jobs on

* www.theladders.com
* www.executiveregistry.com

Some of the popular job search websites have become too expensive for employers so now they are using other sites to attract higher-end candidates. There are many professional, online job boards that you can utilize to find your next great paying job. All of these websites are free to the job seeker, allow you to search for open jobs, register and create a profile, and post your resume. Use any of the popular search engines to find job boards relevant to your profession.